1. Provides build and build.bat scripts. Call these and it builds your project. Ant is not needed because it is in the buildtemplate.jar already
  2. Versioning is built into your projects jar for you. Do "java -jar [project].jar -version" and it prints the version
  3. JUnit and reporting of it's results of running all tests
  4. Code coverage on what lines of code the tests covered
  5. Javadoc on the pattern you specify
  6. RMI stubs are created if RMI classes exist and follow a pattern
  7. Generated Javadocs are automatically linked to jdk and junit api javadocs
  8. Enforcement of package design if desired using dependencies.xml
  9. Project specific createdist.xml and release.xml files
  10. Auto-generation of manifest and insertion of main program for using java -jar xxxx.jar(it will run the main specified in the manifest)
  11. Classpath in the manifest is auto generated from the jars in [project]/input/lib
  12. Automatic import of ant-contrib project for additional ant tasks if needed in the createdist.xml and release.xml files
  13. Addition of ssh, scp and ftp tasks
  14. Ability to customize directory structure
  15. Ability to customize junit pattern
  16. Ability to specify to run one test(may be broken right now)
  17. JNI headers are compiled if specified, and make is ran if Makefile exists in native directory
Later things may be added like...
  1. findbugs tool
  2. @showcode taglet
  3. xdoclet
  4. castor
  5. checkstyle